Using their powers for good.

UrbanDrinks.comI was passed a URL for a site that’s worth mentioning. is a happy hour locator, review, and pub crawl planner site for Portland, OR neighborhoods. Features of note are the graphic display of happy hours happening “right now”, along with Google map pins indicating the locations of local watering holes. If ever there were an example of “Might for Right”, this be has harnessed the power of emerging web technologies to answer a niche question we’ve all asked… “I dunno, where do you want to go?”

This certainly is not the first of its kind, see, a slightly more eye candied tool that serves a similar purpose. Then again, let’s be honest. When searching for critical information on this topic, you want it fast without a lot of hoopla.

Want to take it with you? Just don’t trust silicone to tell you where the party’s at in PDX? Check out the Happy Hour Guide Book.

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