SoMe infographics, Google’s Facebook killer, SlideShowPro goes HTML5, North reminds us that social media is not a channel

These are my links for June 29th through July 1st:

  • 10 Beautiful Social Media Infographics – I get pretty excited about pretty data. Good to see you, pretty data. Next stop for you guys? Keynote.
  • PayPal Launches Mobile Express Checkout To Enable One-Click Buying On Smartphones – Uh oh. Amazon is going to have something to say about this.
  • Cashmore: Google building a Facebook rival? Let’s hope so – – I’m looking forward to this for a couple reasons. First: competition is good for this industry. Second: I want to see how the “do no evil” Google mantra holds up in a social networking environment that is starting to push back on privacy. Watch for them to connect their search ad model. I smell new ad options in Google Adwords.
  • Introducing SlideShowPro Mobile – Video: The popular, robust slide show solution for Flash just released HTML5 support for non-Flash devices, eg iPad & iPhone.
  • The Social Media Problem for Companies – @daveatnorth from Portland agency North reminds us that social media shouldn’t be thought of as a fix for marketing your brand in this year’s web. Rather, it is a medium that makes it easier to act on our social nature. Let’s not forget that social media connects people and extends our ability to cultivate relationships. That’s the core purpose of participation in social media. Brands are guests at the party.

Social Media Marketing for Non-Profits links

Social Media for Non-Profits links

Link dump: WordPress security, embedding tweets, Twitter auth API countdown, discount ads still win, HTML5 video in WordPress, rewarding customer engagement, spying on your competition’s PPC, free usability tools, crash cam

These are my links for May 19th through May 25th:

These are my links for May 7th through May 18th:

  • 5 Tools For Integrating HTML5 Video in Your Website – Audio & video player options, no Flash required. I’ll be checking out that Degradable audio and video plugin for WordPress.
  • HOW TO: Reclaim Privacy on Facebook – bookmark lets you check on your vulnerability by checking your Facebook privacy settings. Possibly the most useful part of this tool are the quick links to your Facebook settings pages for controlling specific exposure areas.
  • eMarketer – Is the click still king? Despite the recogition of the need to measure hard ROI, moat of us are still counting click throughs.
  • eMarketer – Consumers still prefer ads that offer discounts or deals.
  • @twitterapi’s countdown to Basic Auth removal – Countdown to mandatory oAuth integration for Twitter apps.

These are my links for April 28th through May 4th:

DIY light kit, public beta, Should I put my URL in my ads?

These are my links for March 21st through March 24th:

Digital ad spending overtakes print, Facebook ad spam, how to add YouTube video to your Facebook Fan page

These are my links for March 4th through March 8th:

How to download and save online or YouTube videos and play them offline

Tater Pig video as seen on of the online video content you’re going to see online these days has been encoded by Adobe Flash.  These are called FLV’s in the biz because of their .flv file extension.  A common request I’ve heard is for a method to download the FLV for later playback, offline or otherwise, say for a presentation or to edit into  another video.  Or dare I say mashup.

Safari users, congrats.  This method is for you:

  1. Navigate to the page where the video is embedded.
  2. Open your Activity window. (Window > Activity)
  3. Find the path to the .flv file in the Activity window and select it.  If you don’t find anything named .flv, select the path with the largest file size.  That’s probably the video.
  4. Choose Edit > Copy
  5. Now, open your Downloads window (Window > Downloads), and choose Edit > Paste to begin downloading the video file.

The video will be saved to your downloads folder, wherever you have that set. (Safari > Preferences… > General)  Sometimes, as with YouTube, it won’t be named (something).flv, so you might have to add the .flv part to the end.

iSquint, from the makers of Visual Hub for video conversionGood work.  Now we you downloaded the Flash video file.  How do you play it or use it in another app?  We have to convert it to a different format, probably Quicktime for most of you.  To do this, I use Visual Hub‘s little brother, iSquint.  iSquint is free, and will spit out a Quicktime movie, or even an H.264 encoded video, for all you video geeks.  The converted video can be played by Quicktime Player, included in your presentation, even edited in your favorite video editing suite.

Okay, so it’s not one-click easy, but it’s also not that tough to save your favorite videos from nearly any video sharing site.  See also if you want an online solution, or the Mac only app, Videobox.

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