Add or remove formatting buttons from the WordPress write post textarea

show more text formatting buttons in wordpress

show more text formatting buttons in wordpress

As I write this, I’m looking at at single row of buttons at the top of this WordPress ‘Write Post’ text area that allows me some basic text formatting options; bold, italic, strikethrough, bulleted list, numbered list, and so on. A few of my clients have asked for more formatting options like the ability to change the font size and color. Most of the options they’re after are actually just hiding.
If you’re seeing a single row of formatting buttons, try the last one on the right. It shows the ‘Kitchen Sink’ which is a second row of formatting options like style, underline, justify, text color, etc, and is sure to satisfy the perfectionist blogger.

$mce_buttons = apply_filters('mce_buttons', array('bold', 'italic', 'strikethrough', 'separator',

Now, feel free to remove or add any of the attributes listed on (thanks Lance!) until you’ve made formatting stew.

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