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Can I remove the creator of a Facebook Page from the administrators?

Delete Facebook Page administrators

This just in from #SearchFest 2010 in Portland: email to have an original administrator removed.

In short, no.

Now, before you swear off Facebook altogether, this might be a feature, not a bug. My first notion was that any page administrator should be able to boot any other admin of that page. Simple enough – lots of management systems work this way.

Hold on. What if my company has a Facebook Page, and we have let one of the Page admins go? If the other Page admins don’t get there before the possibly disgruntled ex-employee, he or she could delete the other admins, and retain full control of the company page. Yikes.

With that in mind, I see why FB decided to make the Page creator non-removable. There’s a certain level of protection there.

One user in the discussions on the UWEBD was able to contact Facebook and have them switch the creator status from one admin to another. YMMV.

Until there’s a better way to manage admins for a Page where admins may come and go, choose your creator wisely.

See also: Removing the ‘permanent’ admin and How can I remove the creator admin?, both Facebook discussions.

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