Bookmarks for February 2012

These are my links for February:

SoMe infographics, Google’s Facebook killer, SlideShowPro goes HTML5, North reminds us that social media is not a channel

These are my links for June 29th through July 1st:

  • 10 Beautiful Social Media Infographics – I get pretty excited about pretty data. Good to see you, pretty data. Next stop for you guys? Keynote.
  • PayPal Launches Mobile Express Checkout To Enable One-Click Buying On Smartphones – Uh oh. Amazon is going to have something to say about this.
  • Cashmore: Google building a Facebook rival? Let’s hope so – – I’m looking forward to this for a couple reasons. First: competition is good for this industry. Second: I want to see how the “do no evil” Google mantra holds up in a social networking environment that is starting to push back on privacy. Watch for them to connect their search ad model. I smell new ad options in Google Adwords.
  • Introducing SlideShowPro Mobile – Video: The popular, robust slide show solution for Flash just released HTML5 support for non-Flash devices, eg iPad & iPhone.
  • The Social Media Problem for Companies – @daveatnorth from Portland agency North reminds us that social media shouldn’t be thought of as a fix for marketing your brand in this year’s web. Rather, it is a medium that makes it easier to act on our social nature. Let’s not forget that social media connects people and extends our ability to cultivate relationships. That’s the core purpose of participation in social media. Brands are guests at the party.

Author’s quick guide to Social Media Marketing, iPhone data plans explained, BP PR display ads, the useful 33% of Twitter users, jQuery for better columns

These are my links for May 31st through June 14th:

Copy and Paste for iPhone tomorrow, advertising the day after that.

According to CrunchGear, a new service called Pastebud (@pastebud)will be released tomorrow enabling copy and paste for iPhone. From what I can tell, it cleverly uses 2 Javascript bookmarks and a web service to store the clipping whilst you switch apps. Cool, and a great temporary fix while Apple figures out how to make this possible internally on the iPhone.

Wait, Pastebud is going to store, at least temporarily, all the little clippings we’re all copying. That means they are going to have access to stats about not only what pages we’re looking at, but the exact phrases we’re interested in. How ’bout that for a targeted marketing opportunity?

That kind of statistical detail is worth a lot to advertisers. I wonder if Pastebud will be account driven? Hmm. In any case, I’ll bet we see a some sort of “most copied” web site or report ala Google’s Zeitgeist which will be interesting, if not profitable for Pastebud.

Create a photo icon on iPhone that dials your friend

Dobson's tool makes a photo icon on your iPhone to dial a contact

Dobsons tool makes a photo icon for iPhone that dials

Jordan Dobson, one of the superstars over at Squad made a neat “iPhone Photo Dialer Icon Creator“.  Visiting this site on your iPhone lets you create an icon on the iPhone with a custom image (from the web).

Clicking the icon dials any phone number.  It does launch Safari and ask you if you want to call the number, but still nice work, Dobson.

How to take a screenshot of your iPhone display.

How to take a picture of your iPhone\'s screenWhoa.  To take a screenshot or screen capture of your iPhone display right now, simultaneously press the Power and Home buttons.  That’s the one on the top, and the big button on the face.  The image will be waiting in your photo gallery.  Nice.  Possibly only for 2.0 iPhone software users, not sure.

Thanks to Andy Ihnatko via Twitter for this.

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