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I’ve been slowly making the switch from Apple Mail to Google Apps mail. One of the most challenging parts has been changing my personal dogma of filters and folders to labels and search.

Thankfully, there is a sherpa out there for your Google Apps and Google Wave adventures. Her name is Gina Tripani, author of the blog, and regular host of the This Week in Google podcast. She uses Gmail search operators to quickly filter her mail like “label:new biz” or “has:attachment”. I’ve been using the following lately to show only my unread email in my inbox: “label:unread in:inbox”. Love it. But I didn’t want to keep typing that into the search field every time I used Gmail. I wanted to save a Gmail search for later use.

I searched for the answer, and after finding that while Firefox has some Greasemonkey options for saving Gmail search, I thought I was SOL on Chrome. Of course, the solution was forehead-slapping simple. I performed the search in Chrome, and bookmarked the results page. Duh. It’s in my bookmarks bar, and now I have one click access to show only new email in my Gmail inbox.

Sync Apple Address Book with your Gmail Contacts

Apple Address Book preference pane to sync with Gmail

Apple Address Book preference pane enabled to sync with Gmail contacts

I store all of my contacts in Apple Address Book. Some social media sites offer to scan your Gmail address book to see which of your contacts are available to connect with. If your contacts are in Address Book, these services aren’t able to scan your contacts.

Did you know that you can sync your Apple Address Book contacts with your Google Gmail account (or Exchange, or Yahoo mail)? I didn’t until today. From Address Book, select Preferences > General. Check out those slick little checkboxes at the bottom of the preferences pane.

Just need a simple, one time CSV export from Apple Address Book? Try Address Book to CSV Exporter from Antonio Lore’. This handy tool exports your Apple Address Book to a CSV file, ready for import into Gmail or similar. You can customize the output a bit by ticking which fields to include in the export. This option is hidden in a little + (plus sign) button next to the Export button.

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