Social Media Marketing for Non-Profits links

Social Media for Non-Profits links

Author’s quick guide to Social Media Marketing, iPhone data plans explained, BP PR display ads, the useful 33% of Twitter users, jQuery for better columns

These are my links for May 31st through June 14th:

Usability testing made easy, CSS code generators, site speed & SEO, more on the fold myth

WordPress 3, better Facebook search, a guide web typography, microformats ala Google

These are my links for March 12th through March 16th:

5 basic rules to better accessibility in web design.

I’m kind of a podcast fiend.  So, as a web designer, it should be no surprise that I listen to the Boagworld podcast.  Recently, Paul and Marcus highlighted 5 key tips to designing accessible websites.  Here they are in my words.

  1. Utilize alt tags on images.
    The only way a screen reader (a device used to aid sight impaired internet users) will “see” your image is to describe exactly what the image is in words.  **Savvy designers will realize added benefit here, as search engines will pick up keywords in the alt tags.  Just make sure your alt tag copy is descriptive of the image, not loaded with keyword phrases that won’t aid the sight impaired.
  2. Utilize title tags on links.
    Imagine a web page being read aloud to you.  Now imagine the person reading the page to you encounters a link.  Instead of telling you where clicking that link will take you, they begin to read out the destination URL.  Yikes.  With a proper title tag, you can tell your sight impaired users exactly what clicking the link does.  ie “click here to login”, or “click to visit my portfolio.”
  3. Make sure you have fallback content for rich media.
    Most of us including rich media content will use Flash to do so.  If so, provide content that will be seen if the video or Flash cannot be loaded.  Usually, this can be taken care of with the SWFObject implementation method.  Don’t leave a hole where the media would be, fill it with a backup image or copy.  **Here’s another plus for you cheeky designers.  Continue reading
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