Sync Apple Address Book with your Gmail Contacts

Apple Address Book preference pane to sync with Gmail

Apple Address Book preference pane enabled to sync with Gmail contacts

I store all of my contacts in Apple Address Book. Some social media sites offer to scan your Gmail address book to see which of your contacts are available to connect with. If your contacts are in Address Book, these services aren’t able to scan your contacts.

Did you know that you can sync your Apple Address Book contacts with your Google Gmail account (or Exchange, or Yahoo mail)? I didn’t until today. From Address Book, select Preferences > General. Check out those slick little checkboxes at the bottom of the preferences pane.

Just need a simple, one time CSV export from Apple Address Book? Try Address Book to CSV Exporter from Antonio Lore’. This handy tool exports your Apple Address Book to a CSV file, ready for import into Gmail or similar. You can customize the output a bit by ticking which fields to include in the export. This option is hidden in a little + (plus sign) button next to the Export button.

Turn web pages into stand-alone apps with Fluid

There are a few web pages that I always have open. Google Reader, Vitalist, and Workamajig (yikes). Sites like Mint and, (shameless plug) Twuffer are even beginning to make the tabs-never-to-be-closed list.

Fluid is written by ex-Apple Dashboard developer Todd Ditchendorf. It allows you to create Site Specific Browsers, or SSBs. Thanks to Fluid, “you can create SSBs to run each of your favorite WebApps as a separate Cocoa desktop application.” It’s Mac OSX Leopard only, so all you Tiger cats need to upgrade.

My immediate goal was to make an SSB of Google Reader. I think of Google Reader as a separate RSS aggregator app anyhow, so why not make it totally separate from the browser? I downloaded Fluid from the site, unpacked it, and moved it to my Apps folder.

Create a Fluid SSB

Create a Fluid SSB

When you launch Fluid, it asks you for the URL of the site to app-ize (appify?), what you want to call the app, where to put it, and even what you want to use for the app’s icon. If you leave the default on that last option, your app switcher will use a giant, blurry version of the favicon gleaned from the web.

Google Reader SSB. (yes, thats 1000+ unread)

Google Reader SSB. (yes, thats 1000+ unread)

The magic happens, and the next thing you’ll see is your new web app all neatly bundled in it’s own page, complete with it’s own taskbar. To really burn up time that might otherwise be productive, think about your web apps having their own taskbar and what that allows you to do. Super nerds will love the Convert to MenuExtra SSB option so you can drop the app down from next to your clock, then fold it up again. Google Calendar perhaps?

That’s right Gmail fans, you can now participate with your Apple Mail and Outlook cohorts in email client groan fests. And all you protective tweeters out there who like your Twitter in a comfy, toasted, no-butter browser style aesthetic, Fluid was made for you. I’m off to make a stand-alone Twuffer app.

Copy and Paste for iPhone tomorrow, advertising the day after that.

According to CrunchGear, a new service called Pastebud (@pastebud)will be released tomorrow enabling copy and paste for iPhone. From what I can tell, it cleverly uses 2 Javascript bookmarks and a web service to store the clipping whilst you switch apps. Cool, and a great temporary fix while Apple figures out how to make this possible internally on the iPhone.

Wait, Pastebud is going to store, at least temporarily, all the little clippings we’re all copying. That means they are going to have access to stats about not only what pages we’re looking at, but the exact phrases we’re interested in. How ’bout that for a targeted marketing opportunity?

That kind of statistical detail is worth a lot to advertisers. I wonder if Pastebud will be account driven? Hmm. In any case, I’ll bet we see a some sort of “most copied” web site or report ala Google’s Zeitgeist which will be interesting, if not profitable for Pastebud.

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