Key bored

Why are we forcing the standard qwerty keyboard, which was designed to slow typists down so they wouldn’t jam up early typewriters, into our mobile devices?

The touch screen and wireless experience is a new frontier for interface design. It seems silly to slap such an old paradigm onto devices where so much is possible.

If we ever were going to unlearn a system that was meant to slow us down in favor of a fresh start that might speed things up for everyone, now’s the time yea?

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  • RUR

    If only you could invent a device that was able to transmit peoples’ voices simultaneously so that they could forgo the text based interface and move to a strictly verbal one. And if that device could perhaps allow people to see the face of the person with whom they are talking as they talked that would be monumental!nnBut yes antiquated typing is a drag. At least we don’t have to drag those sharpened sticks and ink filled feather contraptions across flimsy pieces of parchment, then stuff them into folded bits of paper so that some stranger can be trusted to get them to where we intended them to go with only the help of a few numbers and arbitrary names of places said person is to be located at.

  • Dayn

    It sounds a little funny to be complaining about keyboard input when the obvious voice alternative has been around for so long. However, phone calls are an interruptive means of communicating. Messaging like email, SMS, or Twitter allows the recipient to triage inbound communication, but phone calls demand the recipient’s full attention immediately without regard for the importance of the message.nnDon’t get me wrong, I’m excited about FaceTime. I just think there’s room to improve upon the keyboard input on mobile devices. Even further than Swipe.nnI’ll go as far as to say that I’m willing to commit to learning a totally new way to type. Maybe multi-touch driven? Why just the thumbs? What if there were keys on the back of the device to take advantage of the eight fingers back there? There have to be inventors out there working on a single hand, vision-optional type input method.