In a survey, ask for the single thing a customer would change

Question 2

Image: Blue Square Thing via Flickr

I’m deep into a project right now involving a digital brand refresh, responsive website redesign, and an overall user experience overhaul. Thankfully, the client conducted a survey last year of their customers. Of all the feedback collected in the survey, I’m finding the open responses to one question extremely useful, “If you could change one thing (brand), what would it be?”.

There are some 750 free-form text responses to this question. Some are insightful. Others are downright hilarious. Because of the way the question asks for a single thing, the  limited space to answer the question, and the time constraints of the customer’s own life, most of the responses are very well thought out.

When you compose a tweet, you’re limited to 140 characters. Personally, I think this constraint has made me a better writer. ‘Get to the point’ I hear myself saying. I think the phrasing of this survey question has had a similar effect on the respondents. They have given our client the single, most important pain point that they’d like to see taken care of. That prioritization has been invaluable.

I’ve gone through all 750 responses and grouped the similar answers. From those groupings, it’s been easy to see what our top priorities should be to inform the user experience overhaul. From here, we plan to test a few user experience flows with a couple rounds of customer focus groups.

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