How to undo a thumbs down in Pandora

I accidentally do this all the time. Thankfully, there is a way to undo your dislike or unlike in Pandora on the website.

Log in to and click on the little right-facing arrow next to the station you were listening to when you thumbed-down.

Pandora - edit station details

Then, on the Station Details page, scroll down to Thumbed-down Tracks. Remove as needed.

Pandora - station details - thumbed down tracks


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  • Coyoneal85

    Does this also include Mobile?

  • Dayn

    Doesn’t look like it. Going to on my iPhone just directs me to download the app, and there is no way to undo a thumbs-down from within the iPhone app as far as I can tell.

  • Annie Cowan

    Okay, you just helped me so much! because I was listening to the BEST song ever and I clicked dislike, my Kindle Fire can be touchy, and I didn’t know what to do! Thank you so much! very helpful:)

  • Dayn

    Glad it helped, Annie! Did you have to go to your desktop to do it?

  • Paola Bueso

    Awesome!! Thank you for posting this! :D

  • Kory Allred

    On my Droid with the app, I was able to tap the thumbs up after I wrongfully gave a thumbs down

  • Lauren

    Thanks yo! supa dupa helpful

  • Dayn

    RIght on.

  • Adam Purvis

    OK thx this helped but what if you deleted the station or someone somehow got into you account and liked music you didn’t/ disliked music you liked. I’ve had both happen to me and for some reason even if i re-create the station it wont let me delete any of the thumbs up/ thumbs down

  • sweet lorraine

    thank you so much! Just saved my day! :)

  • KVN

    Only works if you know the station and song. If it showed in your activity that would actually be useful.