WordPress image uploader not working for version 2.6 with Flash 10

Some people have reported the “Choose files to upload” button being broken when trying to add an image to a WordPress post. The behavior I witnessed was that clicking the button simply did nothing. I have also heard that PC users see a blank white window. The quick fix is to use the Browser Uploader instead.

We’ve noticed the issue since upgrading to Flash 10. It seems the deadly combination to break the WordPress image uploader is WP 2.6 (and maybe lower) and Flash 10. Sites that have been upgraded to WordPress 2.7+ work just fine with Flash 10. See my previous post, What version of Flash Player do I have? to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Big thanks to web guru @joeyyax for sussing this one out, and for pointing out this this thread at WordPress.org.

Happy WordPress Day! Why we heart WP.

It’s the day we unofficially celebrate the existence of the WordPress blogging platform.  Big thanks to Automattic for forging what has become one of our weapons of choice.

We hearted WordPress right out of the gate for its easy configuration as a simple content management system.  As open and streamlined as many CMSs are aimed at being, many “simple” CMSs with good intentions tend to be too bloated for some of our clients.  When we started using WP, it was the perfect minimalist shim to wedge in that static XHTML/CSS to simple custom CMS site gap. Continue reading

Popular blog search engines and RSS tools

I’ve compiled these helpful links for a Grady Britton PR introduction to RSS.  The following are some of the more popular resources for finding, subscribing, and processing blogs and RSS feeds.  Please feel free to add to this list by commenting.  Thanks to Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb for many of these links from his presentation at the WebVisions conference.

Free RSS readers (your new custom personal newspaper!)
NetNewsWire – Desktop based, feature rich, popular RSS reader.
reader.google.com – Web based RSS reader.  Simple and nothing fancy.  Requires a Google account.  Accessible from any computer.

Blog Search Engines
blogsearch.google.com – Google’s blog search engine.  Search results can be subscribed to via RSS.
ask.com – Very good, non-spammy blog search.  Search results can be subscribed to via RSS.
technorati.com – Alternative blog search engine.  Search results can be subscribed to via RSS.
live.com – Microsoft’s blog search.

Social Bookmark Sites
del.icio.us, ma.gnolia.com, digg.com – Allows you to search tags (keyword phrases) that people have assigned to stories to find the most popular stories on that topic.  Also create an account so that you can tag stories yourself. Search results can be subscribed to via RSS.

Cool RSS Tools
zaptxt.com – Sends you an email, IM or SMS text message the moment a story is released about your keyword phrase.
– Search Twitter tweets (posts)!
snackr.net – RSS scroller for your desktop.  Like a stock ticker of your favorite feeds.
dapper.net – Scrape any dynamic site content and convert it into an RSS feed.  So nice!
aideRSS.com, Yahoo! Pipes, simplepie.org – Filter, rank, combine, and customize RSS feeds via web GUI or PHP.

Updating WordPress plugin Popularity Contest for WP 2.5

Down at the bottom of this page, you’ll see a list of the most popular posts.  It took some doing to get this plugin working on this site.  I upgraded to WordPress 2.5 before installing the Popularity Contest plugin.

Basically, follow the instructions in this article: http://tinyurl.com/2wne9f

You’ll have to edit popularity-contest.php in your plugins directory, as well as add 2 tables to your WP database either by running the included query, or manually with phpMyAdmin.

What version of Flash Player do I have?

Some sites will tell you that you need to upgrade your Flash player to see their content. Don’t always believe it. Check your Flash Player version, and compare it to the latest Flash Player version here: http://tinyurl.com/yrlrvb. Sometimes, the developer makes an assumption about which browser or operating system you might be using. If you don’t match that assumption, they will toss you the “upgrade your Flash Player version” error. Don’t believe the hype!

Sync Creative Manager Pro events with iCal and Google Calendar

Sync Creative Manager Pro with iCal and Google CalendarThe advertising/creative agency I work with uses a web hosted version Creative Manager Pro, which will soon become Workamajig. Aside from being quite unattractive and difficult to use, one of the biggest disappointments I had when introduced to the CMP system was it’s calendar. Hopefully, the Workamajig transition will change all of this.

Continue reading

Browser dependent, conditional CSS styles

Browser dependent CSS stylesI have a client who doesn’t like the way the font I chose for their headers looks across platforms. I am using Lucida Grande for all the Mac browsers out there and Verdana for the PC users, since Lucida Sans Unicode on PC IE6 doesn’t look great.  Since PCs don’t typically have Lucida Grande, I took advantage of the fall back.  The CSS looks like this {font-family: Lucida Grande, Verdana, sans-serif}.

My client wasn’t feeling Verdana for the headers, but for body text, it’s hard to beat. So, I needed a way to sniff out the user’s browser, and conditionally set the class for the just headers accordingly. JavaScript to the rescue.

First, I used the script at http://rafael.adm.br/css_browser_selector/ to set the header classes to be browser specific. If the browser is IE6, you can set styles for that browser by using the “.win.ie6″ class. For Firefox on the Mac, “.mac.gecko”. Using those classes, I set independent styles for each browser. PC users will see the headers in Helvetica and body text in Verdana, while Mac users will still see both headers and body text in Lucida Grande. Pretty cool.

One Laptop Per Child: Give 1 Get 1 Promo

XO Laptop from One Laptop Per ChildOne Laptop Per Child, makers of the XO laptop, and who’s mission is to “provide a means for learning, self-expression and exploration to the nearly two billion children of the developing world with little or no access to education”, will be running a Get-1-Give-1 promotion starting November 12.

For a limited time and $399 US, you will be able to have one of the Linux based XO laptops sent to a child who has inadequate educational outlets. But wait, there’s more. In addition, a second XO will be sent to you.

Falling short of the fabled $99 laptop, the XO still promises to be worth the meager investment. The worst thing one can do is to start comparing it to conventional laptops. According to the specs as read by David Pogue in his NYT Podcast, the XO sports only 1gb RAM, and won’t run MS Office or Photoshop.

The XO is, however, built on open source technology, and features wireless web access along with innovative networking software that allows the XO to find and collaborate with other XO users. Battery life for the XO laptop is 6 hours, and much more if the user is simply reading. Charging the laptop can be achieved by a hand crank (1min cranking = 10min power), or via 1 foot square solar panel. The backlight can be turned off in sunlight, increasing readability and conserving power.

I reviewed the demo images of the interface online, and it’s a little confusing to call this a laptop. Is it a mobile computing device that unfolds like a book and sits neatly in your lap? Yes. Will it do what a comparably priced Dell laptop does? No, but thats not apples to apples.

The XO is designed to be easy to use out of the box for children. It’s purpose is to open young minds to computing and problem solving with digital tools. And, since it’s based on open source programming and collaborative ideas, it’s potential for expansion is unrestricted.

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