Beware: Comcast hidden set up fees

Comcast bill including installation & set up fees

What you can expect on your first Comcast TV and Internet bill

Becky and I moved to Berkeley, California. Since you can’t transfer your Comcast TV and internet between states, we signed up for the Comcast Blast! promotion. I wrote this part down when I talked to the sales agent: $49.99/mo for internet and 50 digital channels for 6 months – no contract. When asked about installation fees, I was told there is a $50 one time installation fee, and an additional $10/mo WiFi router rental fee.

The image here is of my first bill as a new Comcast customer in California. I talked to 2 agents on the phone. The first, José, said that the Wireless Network SET Up (which was not a separate trip) was supposed to be included in the Install Fee – Internet. Makes sense.

The second agent, Kimberly, who was supposed to remove the charge not only did not remove the charge, but she explained the rest of the “Other Charges & Credits” to me. First, understand that this bill is correct as far as Comcast is concerned. There is no other way to describe it other than purposefully and negligently cryptic.

Here’s what it doesn’t say, and what is not disclosed when you buy the Blast! promotion:

  • $49.95 video installation fee
  • $20 cable installation fee
  • $49.95 internet installation fee
  • $20 internet activation fee
  • $50 wireless network set up fee
That’s a total of $189.90 in installation fees – and you’re supposed to be able to get that from the bill. Needless to say, I would NEVER have considered Comcast in light of these fees.
I will be canceling my account, demanding a refund, and making sure that everyone is aware of what they can expect when buying TV and internet from Comcast.
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  • Claudinho85

    Same thing to me, instead what they did is they secretly came and cut off my service, waited 3 days for them to come to tell mei never paid for wifi so from now on im not going to get wi fi till i pay $50. Why? The modem gave me wifi for 6 months, now just cause i didnt pay for the setup before, they going to remove it? Customer fraud at its finest

  • wunmi_gal

    I totally agree with the complaint above….Comcast xfinit are never what they say… i signed up for the $89.99 bundle and guess what i was charged $150.99 for the first month due to additional fees, for four month $539.99 and i didn’t understand what it all meant. my services wa disconnected because i couldn’t keep up with the payments….it pure legal fraud. I will never get comcast xfinity anymore

  • mark

    Switch to Verizon FIOS if possible and you will be pleasantly surprised. I’ve made the switch after an episode where I called in to inquire information about some additional channels only to find out 3 moths later that the pretty much unhelpful woman signed me up for a 2 year deal. (Took 4 weeks and 25 phone calls later to fix this) This company in my honest opinion is truly borderline Evil and have horrible customer service. They should pay there Comcast employees more money and/or give them better guidelines/incentives/evaluation. Customer service should come before profits.