A list of 5 ways that Comcast sucks, today

Comcast can suck 5 times a day

Comcast can suck 5 times a day

  1. Comcast has called every day for the past week and left a message for me to call them back.  Calling the number they left places me at the general Comcast phone system menu.  What number do I press for, “I dunno douchebags, you called me?”.
  2. I have an account tied to one email address for comcast.com, and and a different email address and account for comcast.net.  Apparently, the two sides dont share info.
  3. In the menu tree, to reach the next menu, I have to wait though an advertisement… for a pay per view program I can’t even watch with my package.
  4. I made it through the Comcast phone number, entering my phone number, then my 16 digit account number (which I had to look up online, because I dont have it memorized), and got through to Anton. After a greeting from Anton, I asked why they called me.  Anton hung up.
  5. Finally, I was able to talk to a sales rep who was unable to suss out why they called me, but was plenty eager to offer, “Hey, while I have you, I see you’re not using Comcast for phone service…”
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  • Melissa M.


    I’m sorry for the frustrations we caused. I would like to look further into this matter. If you would like my assistance, please email me at We_Can_Help@cable.comcast.com.

    Melissa M.
    Comcast Customer Connect
    National Customer Operations