3D for 2D moving image slideshow effect tutorial

3D for 2D picture effectKen Burns is in town, and of course, I thought of the Ken Burns effect in the Mac screensaver options. You’ve seen this slideshow rotating picture slideshow a million times. You know, the one where each image fades in, slowly zooms and or pans about the picture, then fades to a new image. It really adds flavor to the pretty static experience of just displaying an image for a few seconds.

Building on that notion, there is a motion graphics trick where the artist can make it seem like the subjects in the photo are on a different plane than the background. Panning or zooming reveals the effect, because the scale and location of the 2 planes vary independent of each other.

Some call this the “3D picture trick”. Whatever you call it, it’s another use for new 3D for 2D features in Adobe After Effects and Apple’s Motion. I found a how-to on this from Adobe a while back, and thought I’d share it here. Photoshoppers, warm up the pen tool. The 3D Picture Trick (PDF)

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  • Fred

    Thank you so much, your tutorial is terrific!nBless you!nFred

  • Iggy

    Thank you..